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My Legacy Planner (MLP) is designed to help you consider your goals and objectives for the distribution of your estate. An "estate" sounds like it involves a lot of money and property and therefore is "just for the wealthy".
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My Progress

Above is a snapshot of your current progress. Process takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

Whether you are a young person with one child, an apartment and a college loan or you own successful companies on three continents-you have "an estate". If you do not take the time to examine your options and make your desires clear, then the state and federal government will step in with their version of how things should go. Of course, it is unlikely that their choices will match your desires.

MLP Breakdown

My Legacy Planner is a confidential questionnaire that, when completed, allows you to review options related to your estate plan. The MLP is not designed to cover all of the possible scenarios, but it will give you some creative thoughts in a format that is easy to use, fully secure...and FREE.

When you have completed this short four step process, you can print your MLP summary as you prepare to meet with your advisor. They will appreciate that you have given consideration to some of the key issues that we all face.

Helpful Hints

What is a Will?
A will is a legal document signed by you that determines how your estate is divided at your death. If you are married, you and your spouse should each have current will.

Why an estate plan?
An estate plan shows that you have thoughtfully considered how to distribute your estate. Whether your primary interest is in caring for your family members, reducing taxes or giving to charity, an estate plan will outline your specific desires. Most people believe that estate plans are for the wealthy but every person should have an updated plan.