Charitable Gift Annuities

CGAs are one of the oldest tools of charitable giving. They are still very popular among older donors today because they are good for the donor and good for charities.
A CGA is a simple contract that guarantees a lifetime of fixed payments to the donor and a gift to the charity of their choice at their death. This charitable gift allows the donor to also receive a current charitable deduction that can reduce their income taxes. Generally, the annuity rate paid to the individual is based upon the guideline rates suggested by the American Council on Gift Annuities.

In addition, for those charities who do not offer their own Gift Annuities or those donors who would like to see their charitable gift received now rather than at their death, "re-insurance" and our Gift Annuity Now provides this flexibility. Imagine, receiving a higher return on your savings for the rest of your life while the charity you love receives a current gift.

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